Blood vessel?

what nerve controls blood vessel dialation surrounded by the skin?

the sympathetic nervous system controls blood vessel dilatation.
err suitable question,,really desire i knew the answer
I don't deliberate its nerves so much as hormones and messengers released from a variety of nerves.. prostaglandin, nitric oxide, angiotensin II and so on may backing?
There is not a single nerve. It is the parasympathetic and sympathetic over-sensitive system that controls the dilatation and constriction of blood vessels.

Horomone also hold a role.
at the local level, nitric oxide produced by endothelial cell will act on the surrounding smooth muscle cell and cause vasodilation. that finding lead to a Nobel prize.
Sympathetic post-ganglionic (adrenergic) fibres. The blood vessel in the skin are below single innervation control via the sympathetic nervous system, and consequently constriction is caused by an increased discharge of noradrenaline from adrenergic effrontery terminals, whilst vasodilation is cause by decreased discharge of noradrenaline from the gall terminals.

Reply to above quiz (additional details):

Overall the vagus nerve does in some way innervate blood vessels to promote dilation. The vagus brass neck does control blood vessel dilation indirectly however by promoting the release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells (action via muscarinic receptors on the endothelim). The NO later diffuses across and relaxes smooth muscle inducing vasorelaxation. However this type of 'parasympathetic' vasorelaxation only occur in select instances (i.e. dilating blood vessel of the corpus cavernosum to cause an erection). In most circumstances (as beside the skin vasculature) the predominant tone of the blood vessels is sympathetic.
Dihydrocodeine, also call DHC and Paracodeine
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