A tablet contains 5.0 mg antibiotic.if the doctor information 0.15 g of the antibiotic,how heaps tablets are needed?

0.15g =150mg
So, 150mg divided by 5 will be 30 tabs.
3? i forgot the conversion of grams to milligrams..Sorry

Is the prefix milli x10^-3? or be that micro? if so then i suppose 30? wah i suck at this na.
0.15 grams= 150 mg
and each tablet is equivalent to 5 mg
so you stipulation 150/5= 30 tablets in adjectives to make the amount required
please check near someone else's answer, because i may be wrong., but i think it will be duplicate answer.
3 tablets
30 tablets is correct.
.15 grams = 150 miligrams.
you'll need 30 of the 5mg tab to equal 150 mg.
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