Are within any heart concerns surrounded by taking non-hormone supplements such as NO2 or Creatine for physical training?

I've been working out for times gone by 4 years and decided to pilfer creatine to aid in building size and strength.

I guess my major concern is the problems that is associated next to taking steroids. It increases heart size (because it is a muscle), and have set to cause heart ruin amongst other effects.

Now, I do know that Nitric Oxide (NO2) and creatine are not steroids. So my question is, will taking NO2 (such as NO-Xplode) or creatine expand the heart? Are there any other concerns I should be worried in the region of? Please list your sources also. Thanks everyone!

I know that NO2 contains caffeine (1 measure = 8oz drip coffee) and the suggested use calls for 2-3 scoop.

no it won't cause heart washout. weight training within and of itself will cause modest degree of cardiac hypertrophy but those compounds won't exacerbate things

No heart concerns
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