Benedryl Conversion Help?

An injection of Diphenhydramine was given of 50mg/ml (.12ml 1M). How oodles mg would that be. The Benedryl pills are 25 mg each and I'm trying to see how abundant pills are equivalent to the injection. Also, what does the .12ml 1M mean? Thanks.

the 1m could truly be IM or intramuscular
You'd need to know how frequent ml were injected to determine the amount of mg. Know also that something injected straight into your system is going to effect you differently than something taken by mouth, through the stomach, digested and consequently accepted into your system. So you can't compare these two directly. have a word to a pharmacist or the medical professional who administered the injection.
Doctors' handwriting is notoriously difficult to read. If the dose be .12, it SHOULD have be written 0.12 - there should other be a leading nil.

Are you sure it's not 1/2 ml? That would be 25 mg, which is a normal fully fledged dose., which is why the pills come that way.
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