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can people that own transplants for organ's/artifical inseminations locate their donors?

If you think nearly it locating the donor is not that difficult as the center where they donated an organ or semen get all the store. However it is usually a standard policy not to disclose the identities of both the donor and the receiver. The donor's family will be informed of the outcome of transplantation of the organ or cell and about the condition of the receiver without disclosing recipient's identity.

There are cases however that the donor's family circle chose to reveal the donor's identity and wish to communicate next to whoever will be the recipient. If to be precise the case next it won't be difficult to locate the donor if the recipient chooses to know the donor while revealing his/her identity as the receiver . In fact the donation center will be giving an assistance to consent to both parties communicate if both have expression of revealing their identities.

Otherwise short such will, you won't get any clue who the donor might be. Sure, the journal is just near in the center but it will be kept strictly confidential.

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