Medical sound within any means of access to increase the volume of fluid.?

in ejaculate.
not the number of sperm, purely the amount of semen

this question is prompted by the advert (spam) which promise to increase the volume of ejaculate by taking a pill.
are the ads adjectives nonsense?

Not like mad. If you normally hold sex every day, you (1) probably own about 4ml's ejaculate and (2) are a lucky ba$tard. By adjectives back to once a week, your volume may increase to more or less 5 ml. Woopee!
Y would you want more ejaculate anyway? sounds like bulls**t to me!
No they are true, transport me lb100 and I'll send you the ingredients.
Sperm? Spam? How credulous can you seize? PS are you the chewing gum king?
No. What you got is what you get.
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