Why is it that in co-dominance one allele is expressed surrounded by one trait and the other is expressed with another??
How does that work!?
Please help out!
Thank you so much!

Answers:    In codominance, neither phenotype is completely dominant. Instead, the heterozygous individual expresses both phenotypes.

A very jammy example to understand this is the ABO blood system. In this system A and B are dominat to O however A and B are Co dominant. This process that if a person have an A allele and a B allele than both will be expressed and the person will hold AB phenotype.Both alleles are expressed.

One allele is not expressed in one trait and the other contained by another. It is expressed in matching trait so your blood type will always be AB. Not sometimes A and other times B

Hope this help
Co-dominance means that here are two dominant genes and they are both expressed in the allele

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