If vicodin and lortab are one and the same piece,?

why do they have different name??????

Answers:    "Vicodin " is a type of medicine to be exact made by a company called Abbot Laboratories. It is one of the different brand name for the drug "Hydrocodone".

"Lortab" is the same point, but is made by a company called "UCB Pharma".

Because they are made by different manufacturer, they have different name. Both, however, contain the same moving ingredient - "Hydrocodone" (which is scientifically known as "Dihydrocodeinone" - a big word!)

However, you should file that they may contain different dosages of the same pills. Therefore, you should always follow the directions on the sign and remember that long term use of painkillers can be bad for you.

Also, remember to take the pills near a full glass of wet or another liquid, otherwise the tablets can become stuck within your throat or oesophagus, which can cause severe reflux and inflammation. The notion is to get them down into your stomach as summarily as possible.

Never take painkillers near coffee, tea, Coca-Cola, Pepsi or any beverage that may contain caffeine. This is because certain types of painkillers can interact near caffeine and seriously damage your liver, and may be incurable in extremely intermittent cases.
Different manufacturers.

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