! took a vicodin at resembling 7p very soon I own to help yourself to NyQuil . When is it safe and sound to pilfer it 3 or 4 hours after?

There are several types of Nyquil that have different medication. Nyquil often have a decongestant (pseudophedrine usually), an antihistamine (doxylamine or chlorpheniramine), a cough supressant (dexmethorphan) and sometimes a pain reliever (acetaminophen aka Tylenol).

The componets of vicodin are acetaminophen and hydrocodone--two anguish medications.

The two medication together only enjoy ONE interaction--the Tylenol. To be completely safe hang about 4-6 hours after your dose of vicodin because that is the tylenol dosing interval. But dosages of tylenol can be 1000mg four times a year, so it would depend on how much tylenol is in the nyquil--if any at adjectives. The two together will likely gross you sleepier than normal, so basically be sure you going to bed and not driving around!

Hope this helps!

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