Disagreement within Medical Lab Class?

We are having a disagreement surrounded by my medical lab class. Which of the following is an example of administering a medication? Giving a patient an IM injection or The doctor giving the tolerant samples of medication to purloin at home. Please only serious answers. It is contained by our book but instructor doesn't take it like peas in a pod way we do. We utter it is the injection but he says explicitly an injection not administering. He says the sample is because the patient is individual given medication. Which of us is right? Please help.

Your instructor have a screw loose.
administering means to distribute. sorry but your instructor is right (my teachers weren't so lucky, so i sympathize beside you)
You are right. This is from Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary:

Main Entry: ad·min·is·ter
Pronunciation: schwad-primarystressmin-schwa-...
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): ad·min·is·tered; ad·min·ister·ing /-st(schwa-)rieng/
: to give (as medicine) remedially <the antibiotic may be administered in words or by injection>
My dictionary says to administer is to apply or to achieve. To me, this implies a physical performance on the part of the doctor. The doctor must inject or stand within while the patient take it.

I am under the attention of a cardiologist who helps me as much as he can by giving me a year's supply of free sample of Diovan valsartan, for which I am grateful. He does not stand over me every morning, "administering" the medication to me.

In fact, I am taking two more drugs, furosemide and spironolactone. The doctor have prescribed 60 tablets per month, two per day. In is written instructions to me, he have told me to take spironolactone one per daylight; and furosemide, staggered, at the rate of 10 per week. He just requirements me to have an fair supply.

So: Who is administering how much to whom?
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