About stethoscope Littmann 3000 ?

1.Would you buy a Littman 3000 or a Littmann 4100 (considering design, facilities and money) ?
2.If nearby is no battery inside the tube, can be sounds still be heared (without amplification or other mechanical trick)? I mean if the stethoscope is out the freestyle can be still used?
3.Is there a biggest difference between the sound that can be heared beside a normal stethoscope and the one of an electronical steth.?
I looked on the chief site but i'm afraid they just wanna market the product, and that's why they exagerate the facilities. I don't belive every word within, so I'm curious, has anyone tried it?

Are you a medical/nursing student buying equipment for the first time?

Anyway, I'd still recommend NOT going beside the amplification. You need to know how to listen to the heart unenhanced to learn what's regular and what isn't.

Getting the amplification would be a waste of money and in actual fact a hinderance on your education.
I hold tried the battery powered stethescope, but unless your audible range is defective, every physician I know uses the stethoscope without amplification.
I abhor the amplification.it just sounds WRONG to me. I love my Littmann Cardiology II.
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