Blood Deficiency?

My Mother is of 72 years of age. She is suffering from blood deficiency. The doctor have suggested to inject the blood of by food, she can improve her blood negative amount. Pls inform which kind of fruit or vegetable should she put away to increase the blood level and homogloban?

Okay, first, "The Neurosurgeon" is man quite snotty... Second, I chew over you may be a little confused. Is your mother suffering from anemia (low hemoglobin) due to an iron deficeincy? Iron defiency anemia is not that unusual. Many doctors will suggests Iron supplements (vitamins) and eating food rich within iron -- red meats and cloudy green veggies. This is usually the easiest and first treatment for the problem. Best wishes for you and your mom.

Oh -- if ever you are confused by what the doctor tells you, please telephone the office and ask them to clarify - any "good" doctor/nurse will run the time to answer all your question!
Are you sure you know what your talking going on for? I'm sorry if that sounds rude but there is nought 'medical' called "Blood Deficiency". Its a chinese medical diagnosis for symptoms such as headache, nausea, aneamia, fragility etc...

To any other Western health professional this a short time ago sounds like the adjectives cold (acute viral nasopharyngitis) or the flu (influenza) or even anaemia. In a way though, if she is suffering from anaemia, later the 'Doctor' - sorry i have to put that within brackets because i'm not sure if they are actually licensed to practice Western drug. May be right (in a way) to put blood in her food, but not fruits or vegetables explicitly disgusting. She should eat iron rich foods similar to Liver. This should get her backbone to her normal self soon.
Probably would be a honourable idea to drink a balanced diet including lots of red meat and green leafy vegetables, also vit C (eg orange juice) can assist next to your iron uptake during meals.
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