After donating Blood plasma.. what something like meds?

I gave blood plasma on the 3rd of this month and after again two days ago, on the 6th. I have feel horrible after the second time around and mainly of late rested a lot and drank profoundly of fluids. I'm coming down with a flu right very soon and was wondering how soon I can help yourself to meds again?
I read online that for Aspirin you need to dally 36 hours, but what about flu meds? The doctors at Biomat be rude and said there are surely no side effects and I can resume to my normal things within a couple hours which is a little complicated to believe.

Haha, stating that there are no side effects is a pretty bold statement! I'd read out that because you lost most of your antibodies with your donated plasma that have allowed the flu/cold virus to take hold quicker and easier than it would have your defences be fully intact. Your immune system should respond within almost 3 days to boost your antibody numbers and help barney the infeciton.
As for what meds you can take try some non-aspirin analgesics or cold & flu pills. The best thing to do would be to ask your pharmacist around that - they're celver people too and should be more polite than the Biomat people.
Please try not to tolerate this experience put you off donating though! Your plasma is particularly useful and benefits abundant people. You may basically want to leave it a bit longer between donations. Everyone react differently, maybe your system of late needs a short time more time.

hope u feel better soon!

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