Are antibiotics distress reliever?

I take antibiotic everytime i enjoy pain such as headache,
toothache, stomachache and it help alot.

OMG...You are making a HUGE MISTAKE! Antibiotics are medications designed to combat BACTERIAL infections!!

NEVER bear an antibiotic for a headache or pain nouns!!

What you're doing is killing the majority flora (non-dangerous bacteria contained by your body) and making bacteria MORE resistant .So WHEN you DO bring a bacterial infection, they will be much harder to kill.

PLEASE stick next to Tylenol or similar meds for pain nouns and Pepto-Bismol or something similar for stomach ache.

no near for infections
Antibiotic kill microbes and germs. Unless it also contains an analgesic, you are experiencing the placebo effect.
antibiotics are just that antibiotics they are not discomfort relievers
maybe you hold an infection and that's why it feels better
or conceivably its all surrounded by your head
Placebo effect.

They don't relieve spasm, they kill infection.
Antibiotics are for infections, misery relievers such as Tylenol and Advil are for pain nouns. Headaches and such are not infections! Just take some Tylenol or something similar to that to relieve the pain!
Antibiotics are for getting rid of microbes infections only - they dont do anything else so primarily if you take them for a headache and the headache go away its just that your mind have decided they will work and the headache go - its just a placebo and to be honest its not fitting to take antibiotics adjectives the time as when you do need them for what they are intended for they wont work so capably on you.
its not good to pilfer them that way, because if you return with an infection you will be immune to the antibiotic and it wont be able to facilitate you, if they are helping you with twinge it is most likely adjectives in your guide.
No. Not unless there is something else contained by the antibiotic. If it helps you might hold an infection, say surrounded by your tooth, and the tooth is giving you a headache. As a matter of reality continued use of antibiotics can be detrimental to your health since you will develop a tolerance and sometime when you need it they may not work.

That is how it happen that there are so lots antibiotic resistant diseases now, because of over prescription of antibiotics.
no they basically fight infections..
No. In certainty, you should not take an antibiotic unless you hold a diagnosed bacterial infection. If you take antibiotics adjectives the time, you will become resistant to them and when you actually do hold an infection, they will not help you.
Antibiotics aren't designed close to pain relievers. Antibiotics are drug to cure instead of numb and help fade discomfort. It helps because they boost your immune system and afford a rush of healthy fuel but aren't killing the headache, it's still fading slowly at the rear the rush and isn't a healthy instrument to get rid of dull pain. Don't takeantibiotics other than when you entail them, you could get to the point of person ammune to them (they wouldn't work) and need them some time. Try using a thaw wash clothe when you hold a headache and drinking warm 7 up slowly for a stomache soreness. Save the Antibiotics for when you are sick like near a cold, the flu or and infection. They are designed for that and do much better. They are great for a tooth ache though, a toothache is a impertinence that's swollen and irritated due to some internal problem.
No, antibiotics are simply bacteriocidal or bacteriostatic (kill the bacteria or stop them multiplying), minus any analgesic effect
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