6 or 7 year Medicine programs??

Can any one tell me school that offer direct medical programs that are 6 or 7 years? I know of GPPA at UIC but explicitly it. Thank u very much.

First of adjectives where abouts are you located.

Many school in Europe and a few school in the United states contribute the 6 year program for medicine after lofty school. I get to the University of Szeged, in Szeged, Hungary, the rule is off-course in English. I know, for sure, that Thomas Jefferson also have a six year program, hear is a list of a few other university that supposedly have a 6 year medical program after large school

6 Years
U Missouri-Kansas City
Rensselaer Polytech Institute - Albany College
Thomas Jefferson University

6-7 Years
U Miami
Northeastern Ohio U.COM
Penn State - Jefferson Medical College

7 Years
UC Riverside
George Washington U.
U Florida
New Jersey Medical School
Sophie Davis/City University of NY
Union College/Albany Medical College
Ohio State
Drexel Under/Med
Lehigh/Drexel Med
Villanova/Drexel Med
U TX Medical School at San Antonio
U Wisconsin Medical School

You also may want to check out some school abroad. I know that surrounded by Canada you are only required to do two years of univerity prior to applying to medical academy. Look into some of the European countries, most medical schools surrounded by europe have a six year program after high-school. The medical nurture in Europe is really accurate. Do not worry if you do not know the expressions, get your-self into an English program and you will also hold a small course that will teach you the vocalizations, it is not difficult, believe me, you will know enough to know how to communicate outside and to talk to patients surrounded by your clinical years.

Good Luck, Hope Ya Get In.
if you're interested about European university you can go to
or to the Czech republic.if you desire to go to Paris you must know impressively well french;but university of medicine contained by the Czech republic have drug courses in English.the university is call Charles university...you can enter the web site of the Czech republic and find more information.
you can also dance to Italy if you speak Italian
i hope i helped you!
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