Are nearby any doctors here?

Hey i have this medical report of a being who survived the Mumbai metro bomb blasts, the previous year. The person is presently in coma, is suffering from disability. If any of u are a doctor or know one that specializes in neurology plz serve. Your help would be most invaluable to the casualty.
You can visit the site ( )to read his survival story, and can bring his medical report from here ( )

Please note-This is not a spam. You should answer only if u seriously advantage life and respect it. I am no relative of the personage, and asking for ur help purely due to humane reason

Whatever has happen to Amit is most unfortunate.
Sadly similar stories recur day after day in Neurosurgical ICUs everywhere.
Please rest assured that the treatment that this tolerant has received is "state of the art" and near would have be no real difference have he been treated at any other hospital surrounded by the world. The medical report attached, although very brief, is sufficient to convince any Neurosurgeon that he is surrounded by competent hands.
His present condition may be distressing for the fundamental and dear ones but - lets obverse it - he is unlikely to improve dramatically or be impossible to tell apart person again.
Sometimes the bitter truth have to be accepted. He have at least survived. It could hold been worse.
i read the links above, and i'm sorry to utter that i agree with his doctors. the probability that he will regain any sort of meaningful existence is essentially nil.

this man suffered moderately severe brain damage, and he will predictable remain in a long-term vegetative state for the rest of his life. it's a in tears story and although i sympathize with his own flesh and blood, i think they're grasping at false hopes.
After reading the neurosurgeon's report, it is exceedingly sad to say-so that this poor person should own died from his injuries. With his severe brain damage, he will never restore your health any meaningful function, will remain surrounded by a persistent vegetative state, and cannot benefit from rehabilitation hard work.
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