Anyone rob Azmacort?

Does anyone take Azmacort? I am going to start taking it soon because I be getting side effects from Asmanex.

How well do you approaching it? I hear it is like the rescue inhaler. How frequent times a day do you use it?

Azmacort is an elder inhaled steroid. It is usually taken three or four times a day. In tally, it's relatively weak. Asthmanex (I be on it for four months before individual switched to Advair) is pretty strong. It is equal it 330 mcg of Flovent, as Asthmanex is only available contained by one strength. You would have to steal a lot of Azmacort to equal that.

Azmacort is an inhaler, close to a rescue inhaler. It has a built-in spacer to craft drug delivery more influential. The problem is that the spacer is really too small to be effective and the steroid is much weaker compared to Asthmanex.

In my assessment, Azmacort is an inhaled steroid to be used for people who enjoy been on it lacking problems for years. If you are being started on an inhaled steroid or switched to another, I deem a newer one might be more effective. Flovent is the standard of inhaled steroids currently. It can be comparable to Asthmanex for strength. Flovent is bit of Advair and I've been taking it for a while. In elevated doses, like Advair 500/50, I find that my stomach get a bit upset. I take Advair 250/50 presently (similar to what you would be put on) and I'm doing ably.

Azmacort is usually taken three or four times a day. Flovent is taken twice a daylight. Asthmanex is usually taken once or twice a day. If you be put on Flovent, I think that you could run a dose comparable to Asthmanex in like interval.

If your issue is with the dry powder of Asthmanex, in attendance are many inhaled steroids available as Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs, resembling rescue inhalers). Included in these are Flovent. A Flovent MDI does not own a space attached to it. You can get one separately for in the order of $40 with a doctor's prescription. Aerochamber is a great holding chamber to use. Some models are even dishwasher risk-free (check instructions before trying that).
Azmacort is not to be used as a replacement for your rescue inhaler ie albuterol.
Azmacort is an inhalation steroid which reduce inflamation in the airways.
You should rinse your mouth thoroughly next to water after respectively inhalation as an infrequent side effect is the possibility of "Thrush"
The Azmacort inhalation dispenser is awkward to use and tends to break effortlessly
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