Can someone answer these question for three question for me please :)?

what is bore (of needle)

cardia, gastric

cholangiogram, positive

Answers:    I know a wide bore plunger (wbn) is used in biopsies. Actually, I give attention to a bore needle, is of late a hollow needle... resembling the needles that they use to draw blood with.

cardia is the first night into the stomach and that part of the stomach connected to the esophagus
gastric medium relating to the stomach
cholangiogram is an X-ray study of the bile ducts performed beside contrast injected into the ducts.

I'm assuming positive, is just that... positive, close to a yes, or a positive number?
Are you going to work with patients? I detest to be mean but if I ever acquire sick just shoot me. You can find the definition of the words with a google or yahoo look into, or perhaps surrounded by the glossary of your textbook. Learn to do research. It takes smaller number time than posting your questions here. You can do better than this. You must FOCUS and STUDY.

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