Is Iridology a quack/joke?

i recently hear of iridology. got a pic of my eyes and they told me what some things be in my body. they give me some all untaught pills to take morning and dark and they told me to change my diet. i hold been taking the pills and they do seem to be to help. BUT i've be wondering if the Iridology is actaully for real or merely something some guy made up. i work @ a vet clinic and i told the docs that this is what im doing. the next sunshine one of the docs gave me a weekly that said iridology is a quack. it was from a .org website not a .com. so do you know if Iridology actaully works?

Answers:    There are truly several clinical studies both proving and disproving Iridology research. Try searching for clinical studies using "iridodiagnosis" since the most credible research have come out of Russia and that there are in good health over 5000 trained M.D's who specialize in iridodiagnostics.

For example:

Iridodiagnosis surrounded by the system of the follow-up

Iridodiagnosis in the system of the follow-up of the form status of the population living in an nouns contaminated by radioactive substances
Ponomarenko VM,
Shatilo VI,
Mal'tsev VI,
Polovka VM,
Didyk VS,
Iakobchuk VA,
Golovko VA.
The authors substantiate the practical employment of the iridodiagnosis screening-test using a system of archiving and visualization of the iris at the first stage of prophylactic medical examination and supervision. The economical and medical efficacy of the method has be established. Use of iridodiagnosis improved the detectability of pathologic conditions as compared near complex medical examination. Many specialists be freed from mass medical screening. The expenses for prophylactic medical examination become ten times less.

PMID: 1364605 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Iridodiagnosis surrounded by diseases of the hepatobiliary

Iridodiagnosis in diseases of the hepatobiliary system and kidneys
Lukash NV,
Pol'skaia LV,
Kliaritskaia IL.
Overall fifty patients beside chronic hepatitis and 50 patients with concurrent pathologies be examined. The patients with chronic busy hepatitis and in coexisting pathologies showed more profound depression of the imperviousness system as well as striking alterations on the iris of the eye. The former merciful group received basic psychiatric help, while the latter one were given immunomodulating agents against the conditions of basic treatment. Iridodiagnosis will, we believe, help surrounded by detecting concurrent pathologies of the hepatobiliary and urinary systems. The dynamics of the pathological signs in the iris is strongly related to the clinicoimmunological picture of the infection. Iridodiagnosis is a reliable test of a remedial effect in patients next to chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary system and in those cases have this medical problem concurrently with the urinary system pathologies.

PMID: 9005066 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Many more clinical studies can be found at the Canadian Neuro-Optic Research website:

Iridodiagnosis is a credible and official science for health professionals within several countries throughout the world. In North America, many "iridologists" are poorly trained thus decay the credibility of this science in the USA and Canada.

Iridology also have nothing to do beside astrology.. but some people who don't own a clue about the science might get such a ridiculous statement.

Also, the negative clinical study previously posted roughly speaking the gallstone study is a joke. Why would gallstones even show up within the eye when they are not connected of the human nervous system? The eyes are significantly evolved nerve tissue which are not contained by any way connected to some stones within the body!

Iridology is only tosh to those who believe that toxic drugs, radiation and chemo are the true healing sciences... and years from presently we will look at these highly toxic conventional corporate approaches duplicate way we immediately look at the the Nazi doctors medical experiments..
No it isn't a quack, i went to one when adjectives my hope was lost because i be really very sick, ably now, I'm not sick any more and i don't enjoy to rely on drugs to make me surface better. Trust me, it was the best piece i have ever done. And adjectives they do is read your eyes, because our eyes are a map to the insides of our body.
And i knew it wasn't phony also because, the things that i knew be wrong with me, i didn't explain to him, and he told me exactly how i felt and why, so keep hold of seeing them,you wont regret it.

The medicine and form information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical direction or treatment for any medical conditions.

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