What is expected by maltiparticulate drug distribution system?

it is related to pharmaceuticals

It is related to pharmaceuticals. These drugs r designed 2 release a drug over a period of time to a specific site of the body. They are used alot for GI tract and Asthma however they are also used for heart and other conditions. Check the following website to better recognize them.

This should help u more take the way they work.
I'm not from pharmaceutical framework but I found an article and the following is what I understand.

It is call 'Multiparticulate Drug Delivery System'.

Basically it is a design of a drug to be delivered to specific member of the body at a specific time. To my knowledge this design / technology is used contained by Asthma / intestine related drugs.

You may find additional info within the following link:


After loading the page walk to page 329.

Good Luck.
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