Anyone ever own an hasty heart measure as a side effect of adderall?

Been taking adderall 6 weeks, per doc started at 10 mg and as of last week am up to 35 to 45 mg, but mostly stay around 30 to 35 mg. Just this week arranged to start checking my heart rate for the heck of it. Heart rate is elevated between 15 and 25 beats per minute and seem to have "hasty beats," that entity that seems resembling a pause between beat. No palpitations or noticeably race heart. Wouldn't even know about this if I didn't whip my pulse, and I never took my pulse before so I own no idea if I ever have this early heart spank thing until that time. When my body adjusts to meds I don`t know this will stop?

Adderall was prescribed to operation with the severe fatigue and cognitive issues cause by fibromyalgia and cfs. During four years of doctor appts to figure out what these symptoms are, I be never told there be anything funny about my heart belt. Last appt (before going on adderall) my blood pressure was 90 over 60 and have always be low. Had chest xray in Feb and it be fine.

Adderall is basically speed, contained by prescription form. So a faster heart beat is tremendously common. Some other effects can be found on the website below, i suggest you read it to know what nature of medication your taking, how addictive it is, and all the gloomy effects it can have on general public. Although it does make you surface good...
One of the effects of adderall is to increase the extracellular level of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine (like adrenaline) is a neurotransmitter for the sympathetic nervous system, the system that controls "combat or flight" reactions. Some effects of its activation include constriction of blood vessel (vasoconstriction) and increasing heart rate. This also causes the irritability of automaticity foci surrounded by the heart.

The heart has a standard pacemaker call the Sino-Atrial Node (SA Node) that paces at approximately 60-100 beat per min. In the event that the SA Node is unable to distribute an electrical signal throughout the heart, another pacemaker will take its place. There are Atrial (in the atria), Junctional (at the AV Junction), and Ventricular (in the ventricles) "backup" pacemaker. These are also known as automaticity foci (singular "focus").

They are arranged surrounded by a hierarchy such that the automaticity foci do NOT stride unless the nodes above it stop working (or if the signal does not reach the focus) - this is call overdrive suppression. So, if the SA Node failed for some aim, the atrial automaticity foci would be able to pump the heart at 40 - 60 beat per min.

Going back to the sympathetic anxious system, it's activation irritates automaticity foci. When these foci are irritated, it is possible for them to pull out of overdrive suppression and release an electrical charge (making the heart beat). This is what you have a feeling as an "early beat". The focus (or foci) get irritated and shoots off a flay out of sync.

After this, the SA Node resumes its normal pace. However, the electrical impulse from the automaticity foci have "activated" (depolarized) the rest of the heart, making it beat, so the SA Node's signal hits while the heart is spanking, having no effect. Therefore, it have to wait until the NEXT cycle begin, which is why there is a interval after this extra beat.

If it continues and worries you, it would be learned to get an EKG (electrocardiogram) and speak to a doctor.
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