Is it trial for some populace to hypnotize you when you sleep?

When you are sleeping, is it legal for some ethnic group to hypnotize you to ask or check what you are thinking in the mind or your chief? Can they take information resembling your password to your bank tale or your information when they are hypnotizing you?

its irrelevant cos some people cannot hypnotize you when you sleep
I believe it is not single illegal but also impossible to do so while you are sleeping and enjoy never known of it mortal done. Possibly you could check this on the internet.
A sleeping person can not be hypnotised. Even when all-embracing awake hypnosis is possible only if the personage gives consent. A hypnotist can not hypnotise a man who does not believe surrounded by the hypnotist.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do that benevolent of ****. Also, it's impossible to hypnotize someone when he/she is sleeping.
Moot point. Can't be done.

Stop worrying.
I'm fairly sure that you stipulation to be conscious to actually be hypnotised so if you are asleep this won't be a problem. Anything done in need consent would be considered unethical and if mar was done, it would probably be immoral if the offence can be proved.
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