Can I cold-turkey on using Klonopin?

I have be taking Klonopin for 8 monthes, 6 tablets a day at darkness before sleep.

But I found I am better rotten not taking it.

I wish I could stop taking it right away.

Can I cold turkey taking Klonopin?

I am not taking them for the anxiety problem. I am taking them so that I can sleep better. Now I enjoy found an alternative to the Klonopin, so I don't need to thieve them anymore.

And, Klonopin gives me unnatural nighmares.

Thanks for your advice.

Answers:    Absolutely not! Suddenly stopping a drug like Klonopin can potentially result in seizures. I've intuitively seen this begin to patients. It needs to be conical off contained by a controlled manner by your doctor.
No. Unless you don't mind tics and tremors.

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