Does ovulation own an effect on women's perception of her own make-up?

It is a scientific certainty that women like more mannish type of men during their ovulation period. But my quiz is, do they see themselves more or less charming during those days? And if yes, what might be the scientific explanation for that?

I believe it does, but whether women are aware of this cash in their perception of themselves is a totally different examine altogether. During the ovulation period, hormones are triggered and these... sort of inspire... the females to mate because they are fertile and ready to conceive. Hence the increased attraction to males they perceive as glowing and virile, AND also the slight change within self-perception, a better view of themselves so to speak, to trademark them more confident and thus more attractive.
i have lately started tracking my ovulation days, an from my experience i feel and look prettier... I observe that I am experiencing hot flashes more often. And I am hornier... I infer, lol...
You will look your best during ovulation, because you want to attract men.

At that time, you will not look for masculine men, you look for any man. Actually, you will speak in your own mind "This guy doesn't look adjectives that bad after all"
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