Are Hair Follicules Still Present In Long-Term Baldness?

That Mechanical Stimulation (Which Anyone Can Do) has Limited Value (Given that Scams Like "Scalpmed" and "Avacor" Work, to Some Extent).

This is what I found as a fellow sufferer and the answer is no :-(

Hormones do something to mane follicle which causes it
to be read as "foreign body" by immune system, which next
mounts an attack. Main damage within balding is probably
immunologically-mediated. Damage to lining of blood vessel,
which produces hair growth-stimulatory factor, makes this
I get if you have stencil baldness, which you inhurt from your family. That the roots of the spike die so you cant grow no more hair.
But if you start loosing your hackle go to doc. when it first start and sometimes the doc can find out what is the problem and abet you . But if you let it adjectives fall out in attendance some times no way they can give a hand it grow back. Thee are tons reasons it can fall over out.
Queen Bee
As far as I know they are not. I had a problem beside bald spots ahead of time in my existence, a dermatologist gave me a series of cortisone injections, the down grew back massively quickly. The injections be made directly into the bald spot. An interesting side register, I am 78 years old and I own no grey hairs, my doctor informed that the function for this is that I still have living stem cell in the follicles of my pelt. I would be temped to have a few cortisone injections if I be bald.
I instinctively feel baldness is the result of evolution. Thick scalp spine is meant to protect the biped from precipitation and sun. We no longer need such sunhat. So we go shaved.Hair follicles are absent from unalterable bald areas. In areas where on earth the sun doesn`t shine much bipeds don`t even need melanin contained by scalp hair. So more and more bipeds will be blond.
I don't believe so, but I'd hold to research it for more details...
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