Are you on anti depressants?

no,I dont take them.I be just wondering.BUT I know someone will ask me If I lug them..alot of people I know do.I am supposed to be on them..

Yes, I am. 300 mg of Wellbutrin SR and 60 mg of Celexa. I also pass Xanax with me at adjectives times because of panic/anxiety attacks related to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and take one or two (.5 mg) on an "as needed" argument.

Is there a principle you are not taking them like denial of insurance or something?

Have you been on the previously or is this the first time they were prescribed to you?

In skin you have not taken them past, they do take a few weeks to "see in" and start working...

If you're concerned/worried about taking them, do some research and gossip more with your doctor. That might put your mind at facility.

Hang in near and know that you are NOT alone.


And to Sean N. ~ the "crazy" at the end of your reply be both inappropriate and wrong.
Yes, I lug 20mg of lexapro.
Well, take them, crazy.
yes paxil 20 ml a trazedone for sleep since my husband is contained by Iraq i can,t sleep
First...'JUST' TY for the many nation who MUST or HAVE to take 'Anti depressants'.
Some one 'knocked' his answer out. Cause of his answer plentiful people who HAVE to embezzle them for MANY-MANY reasons...DON'T.
Then WE close up with 'TOM JONESES' OR 'CHARLIE MANSON'...glad 'CHARLIE' moved... he never mowed his 'lawn' ...LOL
If your susposta clutch them then ...TAKE THEM, as someone said it does thieve a few wks. for them to work for you, or if they don't. Keep in contact near your Dr. you might need a different class of 'Anti Depressants' Where do you go to institution or work were folks 'would' tell you or would regard you need 'anti depressants? Find a alien group of friends, how rude of them to tell you you inevitability meds of any kind.
If you are supposed to bear them, you must take them !

Don't meditate that you will be a nut to be taking it. It is taken because of a chemical imbalance within the brain.

On the other hand, if you do not clutch it, you could become a nut !
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