Can "Acute Care Clinics" own (medical) residents?

Is there a blood exam to diagnose leukemia? Would you have the blood assessment results fast adequate giving the blood at an "Acute Care Clinic" then receive the results back a few hours then?
Finally, if you got the results final would you tell the patient's mother (patients 3 yr old) to come vertebrae to you "Acute Care Facility" just to bequeath the bad report and tell her to gain straight away to the hospital?

If someone was diagnosed surrounded by April 2007, with Biphenotypic Acute Leukemia. ALL & AML is it possible that presently 4 months later to be surrounded by remission?

I'm trying to figure out if a own flesh and blood member, who's trying to borrow money (again) is describing the truth.

I have the money. I enjoy no medical background, but I perceive like I'm anyone lied to... I want to give the money... but something of late "feels wrong" beside her story...

yes, ACC will usually have a 2nd to 4th year resident. but the easiest approach is what is called a Complete Blood Count beside a peripheral Smear.. this process the medical technologist can see if there is an increase within the number of luekocytes as well as what type they might be.

but the problem is beside the new HIPPA law you could take the long-suffering to the clinic and have the long-suffering have the blood drawn, but the facility wouldn't not know how to tell you the results. they would be sent to the patient's doctor.

Ask for a receit, or a doctor's bill in the past you can run with them to the department, and see the bill yourself...if they come up some other excuse...then you know that they are lying.
In some states, doctors must enjoy three years' residency to practice, but in most, it's comparatively possible for a resident to find moonlighting work in an acute attention clinic. Some are even run by the teaching program itself.
The diagnosis could completely easily be made, or at smallest highly suspected, on a routine CBC, and it would be majority to give the impossible news within person a bit than on the phone.
The remission would be lucky and tentative after some intensive treatment.
If it feel wrong, it may be. Unfortunately, privacy laws are going to net it nearly impossible for you to get outside confirmation. On the other appendage, if your checkbook is involved, it's certainly more than justifiable to ask to accompany the child's mother to the hospital's billing department for a discussion of the financial matters, or to the physician's for a discussion of the medical ones.
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