What sector of the body is supplied by dorsal aorta?

Answers:    I had to budge look this up, because I had a passion I had hear of this at some point in med institution but I had no recollection of what it be. Ascending and descending aorta, yes, those I could explain. Goes to show you--my embryology was other weak. ;-)

The dorsal aortae (there are a duet of them) are embryological entities, meaning that they exist simply during development and become something else as the fetus mature. The dorsal aortae extend for the length of the notochord (the primitive inside nervous system) supplying the entire embryo, nurture the yolk sac, and become the umbilical arteries on their way to feed the villi of the chorion (a membrane that exists between the fetus and the mother).

In the older fetus, they fuse to become the descending aorta (the fragment after the arch, if you have see pictures). The mature aorta up to the arch is formed by the primitive structure call the truncus arteriosis. The dorsal aortae also give bad the aortic arches, which go on to form the rest of the foremost arteries in the upper chunk of the body.

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Complete length of our trunk.

think of the location of dorsal fins on a shark :)
i guess everything but the arms, the person in charge, the neck, the lungs & the heart as you would expect..

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