Anyone bear Vicoden for fibromyalgia? What dosage are you on. Is it stronger than dihydrocodeine?

Take 60mg x3 times daily. Does not contain Tylenol. What is the max dose one can use beside Vicoden? And Oxycontin? These meds make me confused. Do you find it willing for painrelief?

1. Vicodin doesn't come in 60mg
2. Vicodin is a combination of Hydrocodone and TYLENOL, so if it doesn't hold tylenol, it isn't Vicodin.
3. YOUR max dose would be what ever the dr prescribed to you. The max does in adults is mostly calculated by the tylenol. Vicodin comes contained by 3 strengths-- 5/500, 7.5/750, and 10/660. The first number is the mg of the hydrocodone and the second number is the mg of the tylenol.
4. Don't take meds that aren't prescribed to you and don't pocket more than was prescribed. As far as max dose, the most oxycontin I own seen prescribed for one personality was 5 80mg tab, or 400mg. The pharmacist refused to permeate it. For Vicodin, as I said before it is base off the tylenol content. the recommended dose of Tylenol is 325-650mg every 4-6 hours as needed, not to exceed 4 grams (which is 4000mg) contained by 24 hours.

I am not sure if I answered your question as I'm not sure exactly what the press was. Please telephone call your pharmacist.
ask your pharmacist this one, or your pain guidance doc.
I take lorcet for my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and scleroderma distress, but im careful as to how much. i also hold other meds i need to help out me along, like enbrel.
I've have FM for years, and those both make me blotto. Since FM is not an inflammatory disease but one a bit one of pain, enjoy you tried Darvocet.. Darvon with Tylenol. a calligraphy drug? and the following??

Things that have worked for me:

Darvocet prn, and for sure at darkness
Robaxin (methocarbomol) musc. relaxant, prn, and at night
2 mg lorazapam at dark.

Warm showers, warm baths, walking, step to the gym, gentle exercise, melt shower. When I have flare ups, usually between my shoulder blades, used a TENS element. Tried Ambian for sleep, but the short term memory be a problem. Palates exercising also is helpful, serene weights, and never just stop exercising in need a slow cool down, and then a heat up shower. Chronic fatigue as well go with it, and sometimes I lately drag myself to the gym for slow workout on the elliptical electrical device. Over the years, it has spread to adjectives my joints. knees, elbows, hips as very well as neck, but as very well, over the years, I have studious what things really set it off. tautness, for sure, anxiety and stress for sure, if for no other reason that I distraught up my muscles. IBS as well go with it. And no doc like to treat FM... most just speak, " I don't know what to do with FM,,,,, shift see someone else.." and so I have.

I've have it now long satisfactory (20 years) that when I have moved, or changed docs, I can bring back the guy to write me scripts for what I know works for me. Opiate meds are improper for chronic pain... if you become dependent on any med, most docs enjoy no problem with that surrounded by today's world... (we are all dependent on lots of things --- hose down, air and food, utter, ), and that's fine, but if you have to a short time ago keep upping the dose to gain the same nouns, no doc will go along next to that. that's an addiction, and they legally can't support you beside an addiction with a triplicate throbbing med.

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