Birth control?

I was lately put on penicillin. I just finished my ten hours of daylight supply on Aug. 3rd. Along with my penicillin I be taking my birth control pills. from Aug. 5th to Aug 11th I was on my placebo pills and have my menstration. Today I started my first new pack of birth control pills. Ive be off my penicillin pills for 9 days. Should my pill start working this week or do you contemplate the pnicillin is still blanking out my pill?

i would use a back up form of protection for the subsequent month just surrounded by case. even if you telephone the doctor they will most likely bring up to date you the same item
You are probably ok with the pills, but double check.

I would freshly give your doctor's department a call; a nurse in attendance will be able to slickly answer that question.
Penicillin would be out of your system by very soon, your birth control pills will work same as always in a minute.
Your birth control pills will work just fine.

Just FYI...St Johns Wort seem to interfere with the pill relatively a bit too.not just antibiotics.
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