Any Pharmacist Out here that can minister to me?

1.What type of drug preparation that requires prescription?

2. On what classes of drug that a pharmacist has more responsibility?

3. What are the purpose of generic dispensing flowchart?

Any pharmacist out within that can help me? appreciation.

in our country (Malaysia) drugs are classfied into a few classes ie DDA(dangerous drugs),psychotropic,B group,C group and OTC(over the counter)

1.Drugs that require prescriptions are:

1.DDA eg pethidine,fentanyl,morphine,co... etc
2.Psychotropics eg amphetamine,phentermine,diazep... etc
3.B groups eg hypertension drugs,antibiotics

(C groups are in general antihistamines,nsaid, antidiabetics etc and OTC are normally acetaminophen,aspirin etc. These 2 groups can be purchased minus prescriptions)

2.These 3 classes must be monitored personally by the pharmacist surrounded by charge.(DDA,psychotropics and B group)

3.Dispensing flowchart is normally use to control the movement of the drugs so the drugs stock are other balance near the physical stock.
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