Adminstering drugs - nurses pls give a hand?

Medication Order: heparin 2500 U/hr
Available: heparin 20,000 U in 250 mL D5W
At what rate will you set your pump?

I do not know what D5W stands for..Some give support to pls. The answer im getting is 31.25 ml but not sure if that is correct..

D5W stands for dextrose 5% sea. You are missing a major component to this grill. You need the number of hours the doctor desires it to run to figure out the drip rate. So, heparin 2500 unit per hour for how many hours? Also, the D5W is not going to factor into the equation at adjectives.
d5w refers to dextrose 5% in wet

20,000U/250mL = 80U/mL

2500U/hr divided by 80U/mL = 31.25mL

Seems right to me to set the rate at 31.25mL/hour.
D5W means dextrose 5% contained by water. and 31.25 is correct so how oodles min. will you set your pump?
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