A surgeon to-be?

In order to become a surgeon, is it a really big promise to take A.P. Bio surrounded by high university or will I be fine if I don't, since I can always hold it in collage?

First of adjectives, I hope you learn to spell "college". A "collage" is what you produce in military camp out of pictures cut from magazines.

Secondly, if you don't mull over you can handle AP Bio, you'll never get it into, much less through, medical arts school.

Thirdly, AP Bio in giant school is straightforward compared to a good college biology course, which is NOTHING compared to medical university anatomy and physiology courses. You need to build a strong foundation of science ease. Why take it surrounded by college if you're just going to filch it again in med academy? Because you need to already know SOME of it so that you are prepared to cram MORE of it.

Lastly, if you're just trying to rob the easiest route, forget about surgery. Those nation work HARD. And they LIKE it.
Take it. You will be better prepared for college. In college, you will take even more advanced courses. Take the free soaring school course. Med institution courses costs 10's of thousands or dollars.
Having taken science course in colleges, permit be give you a tip. The lofty school science courses are kid stuff compared to those at the college smooth, so it is in your best interest to filch all the science courses you can contained by high university.
If you don't start challenging yourself in a minute, you'll be less plausible survive your undergraduate career, much smaller number getting accepted and stable through medical school.
"Since I can other."
You should never write/say/think that.
Becoming a surgeon is not an easy street.
If you think that process, it will be alot harder.
Never think "If I won't do it in a minute, I'll do it later"
I advise you to help yourself to A.P Bio over the summer ( like other users )
But most A.P course just run for 6 weeks.
I also took A.P Algebra 1 and 2 and Trig.
During the school year, I have to brush up on what I learned within that short period of time.
So I recommend you to take A.P Bio, but study it through out the year. Study until that time you take the course and review after.
This is the best bearing to get the most wisdom
I agree with adjectives the previous comments--if you want to be a surgeon, slacking off is not an likelihood. That being said, I did not lug AP Biology and had no problem getting into medical institution. So no, you don't have to hold it.
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