A medication direct call for 1 liter of glucose solution to be administered I.V. over an 8-hour spell...?

A medication order call for 1 liter of glucose solution to be administered I.V. over an 8-hour period. What will be near flow rate if the drop factor is 12?

A. 12 gtt/min
B. 20 gtt/min
C. 25 gtt/min
D. 34 gtt/min

The answer is 25gtt/min. If you figure that ther is 1000ml surrounded by a liter, then ther desires to be 125 ml delivered an hour. Divide 125 by 60 and this will hand over you the ml/min=2.0833333. If your drop factor is 12gtt/ml then multiply 2.0833333 by 12 and you will gain about 25gtt/min.
I know this is your homework, but surrounded by the real world, the doctor advice the IV solution to be given at an hourly rate, and you put it on a pump.

The order would read: D5W @ 125/hr.

You merely set the pump at 125.
Amen to the gas-passer. Nursing schools really obligation to get rid of the question that no longer apply to practice. Many of them even teach you to do things that are in a minute considered substandard practice. Why learn how to commit malpractice?
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