Oxy and vicodin mixing?

i just have surgery and they gave me vicodin.

but i hold oxy from a different surgery.

i took vicodin about 2 hours ago.

but its gone down

so i was wondering if i took oxy, would it be desperate, since i just took vicodin?

thankfulness :]

Answers:    The reason you cant get the impression the effects of the vicodin is because you have be on oxys.With oxys,I assume oxycontin and not oxycodone.They are a very forceful pain slayer and unfortunately significantly addictive.They are considerably stronger and you have probably built of somewhat of a tolerance to opiates.But as far as mixing them...yes you can,but it may produce drowsiness along with nausea.
oxy is so desperate, DONT DO IT!! Just go to sleep

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