A tolerant desires to receive 1 teaspoon of medication per light of day for one week. How oodles milliliters of medication..

A patient desires to receive 1 teaspoon of medication per day for one week. How lots milliliters of medication must be dispensed in total?

A. 7 mL
B. 35 mL
C. 70 mL
D. 105 mL

5ml (a teaspoon) x 7 days = 35 ml, if this is nursing university homework. In real energy, a little more is a upright idea to sketch for wastage. Any parent who's had a child spit a mouthful of Tylenol on him knows that.
35 ml
1 teaspoon = 4.92892159375 mL.
1 week = 7 days.

1 teaspoon is 4.92 mL, taken once per year for seven days is:
4.92 x 7 = 34.5 mL
B. However, liquids self dispensed using a teaspoon can allow for the full dose not getting into the mouth, spillage. Most pharmacies have droppers that can be used to method liquid medicine. If you are uncertain roughly giving the correct dose, amt. then you can other ask a Pharmacist.
Hi! 1 tsp is 5 ml so in a week's time, 35 ml is consumed. To be accurate, it is better to use a dropper surrounded by measuring the exact amount. Using a household teaspoon is accurate since some teaspoons are bigger or smaller than others.
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