I'm going to yr 10 subsequent year and I requirement proposal for becoming Cardiologist?

I am Yr. 10 next year and I am international student. I want to know what caring of things I need to be apt at, know about and what sensitive of tests I will involve to do for becoming cardiologist also I might need to read some book in the order of How to become a doctor.
Just every thing I entail to know about becoming Cardiologist
It will be best if you are med student or even a doctor to answer my query. Also I'm in Australia..

Answers:    Well, if you are that sure, whet you call for to do is to research backwards from being a cardiologist.

1) Research what certificate and experience you need to be one.

2) Work out who can provide those certificate and experience and what prerequisites you need to gain entry to the courses/programs.

3) Then work out what HSC subjects you require and what even of pass.

4) Keep your option open as much as possible as your interests may cash, your health may amendment.

5) Generally I suspect you will need biddable English and high maths and science, near maybe a first surrounded by biology. I would also consider geography for better understanding of disease cause.

6) you are going to have a busy summer.
within my honest opinion, dont stir into medicine beside blinkers on for one speciality, ive just started a level in the uk and my mind change every week with respectively department having different appeals.

do achieve lots of work experience though and try and contact a local surgeon/cardiologist to see if you can do work experience with them within your time off. dont present up on getting it either hang on to pushing!
Assuming you are planning on attending medical school surrounded by Australia, contact the medical society. In the US it would be the American Medical Association. I am sure you have something approaching that. Contact a local cardiologist. Most doctors are more than happy to cooperate to a student who shows interest in drug. Contact the university where you decision to attend and get information from them as to what classes to pocket in dignified school. I, individually, would take adjectives the science classes I could get. Your grades must be deeply high to be considered for med institution. After college, med school, internship afterwards 5-6 years of residency in cardiology is required. I hope this help. Best of Luck in your endeavors.

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