If I go to the ER near gallstone pain. And I enjoy gallstones. Will they operate on me there or a moment ago give me pills and send me home and enjoy me make an appointment beside my doctor?

Answers:    If you go to the ER, they will do test to determine if you do have gallstones. If you needed emergency surgery, you would probably know, as you would be within a lot of agony. For me, I had my surgery nearly 2 weeks after I was diagnosed. But the Doc told me it be up to me when I had the surgery, as it be not an emergency. But I had a horrible attack again, so programmed the surgery sooner rather than then and I'm now pain-free.

So I guess you want to find out if you do indeed have gallstones. What are your symptoms? Have you be having discomfort for awhile? Many people enjoy gallstones and they pass them in need even knowing they had them. For some associates (like me), gallstones cause misery when they get stuck and cant exceed. This is usually because the stones reach a abiding size and cant pass - cause excrutiating pain - for me it be anyways. I went to the ER a couple times in the past finally finding out it was gallstones - and inside 2 weeks had my gallbladder removed and I discern much better now.

So - of late so you know...
If you have bleak episodes of pain and it is gallstones - most feasible they will schedule a surgery to enjoy it removed. It sounds scary - but it be not a big deal at adjectives. The pain after the surgery be nothing compared to the aching of the attacks I had from the gallstones.
They will probably only just give you something to produce you more comfortable and send you to your regular doctor. Most of the time emergency rooms will not dispatch you to surgery unless it is a life threatening situation.

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