Biomedicial scientists = professionals?

We often telephone call doctors, lawyers and engineers as 'professionals', but what something like biomedical scientists? Are biomedical science graduates 'professionals' as all right? What do they do?

Yep they are called professionals, as resembling all the above not a soul else can do the job they do unless they hold extensive training at University and 'on the job' it is very specialised. Biomedical scientists are the guys that get out all the blood test and investigations that you have done. They hold a large amount of responsibility and the job sometimes can be demanding and stressful.

There are four largest areas that they work in - Haematology/Blood transfusion, Clinical chemistry, Microbiology and Cytology/Histology. For example a scientist working contained by Haematology/Transfusion will aid in the diagnoses of diseases and conditions approaching Leukaemia, Malaria, Anaemia, Blood groups, Hemophilia and Glandular fever, they will also provide emergency blood within case of urgent have need of in show business or on the ward, the list is eternal. As people are not of late sick 9-5 they have to work 365 days of the year, and operate an on-call system at hours of darkness.

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as expected if they are working in the paddock of medicine beside animals or humans even plants.
The true definition of a profession is a group of people who are self regulated. For example doctors are controlled by the General Medical Council, which is a group of doctors who are voted for by other doctors.

I do not know if biomedical scientists fit into this true definition.
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