Fainting after blood donation?

I lied about my counterweight so I could give blood. About five minutes after finishing, I faint. Is this from not weighing adequate or not eating plenty? What causes this?

There are copious reasons for faint. The reason for your faint could any one or more of these. If you got up contained by 5-10 minutes and you felt fine, you are OK.

1. Fainting can be psychological. Some culture faint at the verbs of a needle. Some may wobbly at the sight of blood. You could wobbly just by the thought of losing that much blood.

2. some bodies take action to losing that much blood as a shock to the system. fainting is a module of that reaction.

3. Losing that much blood is a "wound". Many empire do not appreciate that. It takes up to 3 months for your body to restore your health the amount of blood lost.

Finally I should tell you do not rob donating blood lightly. It is a serious business. You donate blood only to gather another life. Never donate blood for money, (to buy drugs, etc.)
Another entry, never lie to a doctor or surrounded by any medical procedures. You are cheating yourself.
First of all, you should never fabrication about your immensity just because you want to donate blood. Yes, it is a drastically noble achievement, but when they take adjectives that blood out of you, you become extremely weak. Especially if you are underweight, your body cannot touch this sudden change and thus, you faint.
If you had drank a great deal of water right after donating blood and have taken a little forty winks, that might have help. Just don't do it again next time.
i reason they normally extract amount of blood according to your weight/height.

so they might hold extracted more blood than u can take.
i faint once.

u should not lie similar to the previous answerer said. also, after donating blood, sit for some while. have something to drink like a candy.

what happen to me was i give blood after a fasting exam. i walked after 2 minutes and afterwards fainted.
the doc didn't want to say-so it directly but it was psychological.

he told me one of his med students faint while drawing blood from SOMEBODY ELSE.

so i knew it be psychlogical. i felt hugely uncomfortable watching the blood going out of my vein into the tube.

but ur case can be because of fatigue, anyone underweight.
Alot of the time it is an autonomical response, queasiness-- like faint at the site of blood. The amt of blood they took would not have be the problem. If your weight be that close to under their standards ( and they could speak about by looking) they would have weigh you. A drop in blood sugar may also contribute to this thinness feeling for which they bestow juice or sandwhich or candy. I'd say aloud just a honest old easily upset fainting spell.
There is a not detrimental amount of blood you can lose, whether from surgery, trauma or donation, and that is related to how much blood you enjoy to start with, which is related to your immensity.

They took more blood than you could safely offer, and you became hypovolemic. When here isn't enough blood pressure to amply supply your brain, you pass out.

An alternative explanation is that you have a vasovagal reaction, close to some people return with from seeing needles or blood. That makes your heart rate drop too low, and your blood pressure falls and you intervene out.

Not a good opinion to lie, especially contained by a medical setting. Sometimes that can lead to severe consequences.
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