Anyone have a crazy DXM experience they would resembling to share?

I just just this minute did 540 mg of dxm and I'll tell ya it be insane! This is equal to 18 triple C's... I began to lose the sense of "I hold a body" and started to "leave" it... I felt so, so, so small but when I moved around it be slow but fast at impossible to tell apart time! My energy level were through the roof! Im talkin motivation close to no other and after running my breathing remained the same and I be ready to verbs. I felt frothy as a feather and standing up from the ground be so easy and hurried! How about you?!?!?!

Most I ever did be 400mg (i'm little, 5'3'' 118lbs) and I also felt detached from my body. When I talk it sounded like it be coming from a distant speakerphone. Everything looked cartoony and I felt buoyant but couldn't really walk that rapid or else I would trip up. I was cool but also fruitless, at certain times it would consistency like my body be burning from the inside out, or like I be about to puke. (i didn't) I consider it was because I used Zicam Max which is a super-concentrated form, 400mgs contained by a tiny amount of liquid. After this trip, DXM never artificial me the same again, I'd start to surface that sickness even on a small dose. (not as bad, but still) Prior to this time I never feel sick on it. (used syrup)

Oh, and this trip also cured my lifetime phobia of the energizer bunny. (LOL don't ask, I have not clue why I be afraid of it) When I saw him on TV while tripping, I was resembling "That's not scary...He's if truth be told kinda stupid looking"
And after that day I wasn't panicky of it anymore.
Fine that you enjoyed your "nostalgic" experience. I am glad your breathing remained indistinguishable.

I never and would never try the way you did but I own witnessed a patient who did similar piece.

Oh boy- he has gone into a completely bizarre behavior! To net it short, he has turned to achievement like a crazy man for a while, have respiratory depression and became knocked out down to emergency room. I believe he enjoyed his "large feelings" for shortwhile, at the cost of almost losing his life.

Anyway, only just be careful- dextromethorphan could bring deleterious side effects.
dex is a wonderful drug. its changed my life for the positive because of things ive studious about myself and enthusiasm while on it. just one piece of proposal..if you like it use it sparingly...i dex'd 200 times over 1 and a partially years and now when i cart it it does not produce the same effects at matter how much time i bear off from that seems to be a restrict as to how many times it will produce worthy far as crazy experiences they were adjectives crazy but in a moral way.skittles rock!
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