Are 4 Paracetamol tablets (2000mg altogether) adequate to snuff out you?

I was merely curious.

No. An overdose which may cause worst effects is near an intake of about 30 tablets (500 mg each) paracetamol taken surrounded by a single dose.
No, probably not, if it was once rotten.

Paracetamol is actually one of the safest drugs available. It's foremost side-effect is on the liver, where surrounded by very lofty doses it can cause liver damp squib.

There are two major occasion when paracetamol is particularly precarious:

1. In patients with significant liver disease already. In these patients, in that is not much of the liver properly functioning, so taking the sort of dose that would be fine in a everyday person can knock past its sell-by date the last remaining liver reserve and raison d`¨ētre liver failure.

2. In alcohol-abusing ancestors. The details are quite long-drawn-out, but in these ethnic group, the liver breaks some of the paracetamol to down to a toxic by-product, instead of converting it all to a safer one. It is reckon that as little as 4g of a paracetamol taken over a period of a few hours may create liver failure contained by alcoholic patients. So don't take paracetamol for hangover if you're going to need more than one or two!

In other words, provided the 2g of paracetamol be taken by a healthy mature patient on a single episode, it won't kill you.
That dose is sort of certain to effect liver failure and possibly a evocative death if you ensue to weight four kilograms, but six-month-olds aren't especially good at swallowing tablets. I regard you're safe.
On the other foot, paracetamol exhibits a ceiling effect; that is, a two gram dose relieves strain no better than a one gram dose, so it's silly to take the larger dose.
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