My doctor say to lift 1000mg of B12 /day, I would approaching to bring by injection, how heaps cc's would that be?

Answers:    For your own health and safekeeping, you really need to consult your doctor on this one. These other answers fall through to consider how the route of drug delivery can affect it's value and ultimately effective dose:

These responses are base upon a big (and risky) assumption that you need equal amount (mg) of drug regardless of the route of delivery (oral, intravenous, intramuscular, etc). This is not other the case. The route of transport affects how the drug is absorbed, filter and metabolized by the body. To put it in layman's expressions, a pill that has to be digested by the gut pass through a much different chemical environment and undergoes a much different metabolic process than a drug to be precise injected i.v. or i.m. Just because it takes 1000mg of B12 in words to acheive the effective dose does not plan it takes 1000 i.v. or i.m. to find the same effect. If a drug is engaged better i.m., then you will in reality need a smaller amount to seize the effective dose. The disparate is true if it is absorbed less/filtered more: you'll want a larger dose to get the decisive dose. So in decree not to over- or under-medicate yourself, you need to consult your physician.

Now if the doctor say that it's 1000mg per day regardless of whether it's taken in words or via an injection, then the volume (cc or ml) of injection will depend on its drug concentration.
1000 as very well

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