Are in attendance any concerns involving interactions between smoking marijuana and taking Lisinopril?

I dont have soaring blood pressure, it is for my diabetes, anyone know of any where to find info on this or know?

Regardless of what you give somebody a lift it for, lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor. It blocks the conversion of Angiotension I to Angiotension II. The reason it is commonly used surrounded by diabetics is because it can decrease arterial pressure which can crop up with diabetes. The medication help prevent eye and kidney complications that are associated with the disease.

Marijuana surrounded by short term usage have shown a tendency to increase blood pressure for a short time of year of time. However, in long occupancy usage research shows it has the divergent effect actually decreasing your blood pressure. Regardless of the conduct, by introducing another "agent" that affects your blood pressure, you are in a sense making the hypertensive drug ineffective. It does this by any causing a smaller lessening in hypertension or by cause an increase in hypotension. This make you wonder the point, why bother taking it anyways?

I'd lay off the pot, why run the risk for a few hours of human being high.
Just a thought, but you probably don't necessitate the munchies if you're diabetic.
u smoke pot last time i hear that stuff was against the law
no there's no contraindication to using both at the same time. but preserve in mind that coughing is a prearranged side effect of lisinopril. smoking pot might accentuate that side effect.
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