DMSO for arthritis torment?

I remember gramma using this as a roll on, for her knees. Does it work, and is it still available..side effects?
I have arthritis and am looking for a non narcotic process to get nouns.

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a solvent that penetrates the skin into the tissue beneath. As such, if you dissolve a pain reliever such as aspirin or tylenol, it should work as a local analgesic, and may general public used to do this.

The reason culture don't use it much now is because of condition concerns--there is some reason to believe that repeated exposure to DMSO may be teratogenic (cause tumors and cancer).

More speculatively, within is a theory that bizarre cases of "toxic patients" be caused by excessive use of DMSO--cases where on earth staff and other patients in emergency rooms be struck down with nausea, respiratory distress and neurologic symptoms. It is remotely possible that these cases be due to excessive metabolic byproducts of DMSO.

In general, as near all life solvents, repeated exposure is not recommended and it is not a correct way to bring tylenol or salicylates into your body. It is, in common, much safer to just appropriate tylenol or aspirin, and you will get a moment ago as much to the painful nouns as any kind of topical treatment.

Addendum--the subsequent poster is correct--horse liniment DOES work. The active ingredient is like used in the "IcyHot" rubs, but horse liniment is much cheaper per volume :)
I do not know what DMSO is, but I hold arthritis and have found that, no banter, Veterinary Linamint works.

I prefer the mint gel kind over the white lotion type.

I own found it in the Horse fragment of Ace Hardware.

Follow the directions, use sparingly at first, to see how you tolerate it. (Remember, this is for animals).
DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) Was used in the 60's or so to treat distress due to different issues one included arthritis. There are very few side effects. But turn to this web site and read. There is really appropriate information on here. We get our med-grade dmso from the vet office for our dogs when they enjoy pulled muscles and stuff. Its a miracle worker.
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