"robot application surrounded by medicine" wts the 1st & ending robots used? when & where on earth? robots developments within tablets?

i need informations abt the above question
when did the use of robots in medication start and where? which countries are usin them? kind of robots? the applications of them? advantages and disadvantages? what does a person necessitate to study for him to be able to use robots surrounded by medicine resembling is it a spaciality or sub-speciality in colleges and universitis?

i know thats alot but please i inevitability help i tried lookin them up but wasnt so lucky

appreciation :-)

Check out the Da Vinci surgical robot system. It is currently is use across the country. A surgeon actually operate on a patient within France from New York. The connection cost a million dollars a short time ago for the bandwidth, but it demonstrated the future possibility. They are surprisingly responsive and dextrous, I get to try one out. They actually have a five year old demonstrate working the domestic device. (not with a long-suffering of course) The advantages are you get adjectives the benefits of laparoscopic surgery ( decreased infections, smaller incisions, shorter retrieval times) with greater mobility and dexterity. Unfortunately you can't grain how hard you are pushing on something, so you own to learn by optical clues.
Robots are also used in pharmacies to spread prescriptions. It basically looks approaching a giant vending machine. Also for prosthetic arms.

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