Docotrs and surgeons do you own to cut your nail or you can save them?

cuz in adjectives life i don't wanna pass up my nails and im planning to become a doctor

Keep looking for another job, sweetheart. "Cuz" I doubt that anyone wants your long nail up his/her backside, and that's one of the things you ARE going to do as a doctor. At least during your training.

We have a doctor kicked out of a surgery program because she refused to trim her nail. (It's a problem in surgery because the nail can harbor bacteria and increase the risk of post-operative infections.)

How more or less cosmetology?
Have you thought about another job? If your nails are really that noteworthy to you, medicine is NOT the profession for you. The practice of medicine requires sacrifice and dedication. If you don't enjoy it now, after don't sign up for the long haul (save your time and money).
Not lone should you not have long nail for practical medical reasons, when you become a physician you also become sector of the upper middle class, in which long nail are considered trashy. You'll also define yourself as a physician, subverting some of the rest of your nature. It takes a considerable amount of dedication. Just the reality that you posted this question make me think I don`t know it's the wrong profession for you.
The dress code at my hospital states that finger nails cannot extend beyond the tip of the finger or be longer than 1/4", which ever is shortest.
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