Asprin overdose?

How long would an asprin overdose take to clear from your system roughly 18 tablets at 200mg? serious answers with the sole purpose please!

Fortunately, he didn't take a vicious dose, and probably only have a little cinchonism to some extent than the full-blown acidosis that we used to see more commonly with the trunk overdoses. It's done, now, at any rate, and possibly he'll find a more appropriate method of dealing with things.
(And it's acetaminophen/paracetamol that cause liver damage, not aspirin.)
If you havent be sick yet, try and force yourself to be. I did a similar piece when I was a teen and when I ate some food, I be extremely sick and felt stern to normal in 24 hours.
About 12 to 18 hours I would think.
A friend of mine took a undamaged bottle and it did nothing to him.
aspirin damages the liver, here may be some long term affects subsequently in natural life.
nasty. Aspirin thins the blood and cause internal bleeding, particularly within the stomach. if he's had no symptoms to date, that's totally surprising. If you have to murder yourself, there are easier ways than that. I would insist on him to have a check up.
What a silly answer from Jan s , but don't verbs if there are no side effects presently then he's ok but going to the doc for blood test would be advisable.
it should clear your system in roughly speaking 36 hours. aspirin overdose causes hepatotoxicity.. please turn see doctor...
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