What happen when you donate bone marrow?

I'm thinking of joining the The British Bone Marrow Registry, but I'm not sure what you actually own to do.

I give blood at the moment and that's fun, you attain free biscuits and coffee, plus I get to see a daypack of my red stuff.

What happens when you dispense bone marrow though? Is it an operation? Does it hurt? Do you have to stay contained by hospital? Does it affect your life? How do they seize the marrow? What is the procedure?

The NBS sent me a video about "Your First Blood Donation" since I donated blood for the first time, is there anything similar to that around for bone marrow?

Answers:    ask the British bone marrow place I'm sure they will have adjectives your answers.
i should think it would hurt close to hell, but there again i wobbly if i have a hypodermic lol
good on you and honest luck x
OMG, i heard that bone marrow donating is the most bumpy thing you can ever do. No one contained by his right mind would voluntarily donate it, unless it's to save your own life span, or the life of a VERY close relative.

I wouldn't do it. Unless they permit you have some gooooood drugz.
unless you're serious,
conjecture long & hard previously you commit yourself.
donating bone marrow is more invasive & ( sorry ) more painful than donating blood.
i'm not sure that they'll requirement an actual sample of your marrow, unless you're specifically asked to donate if & when you clash some one who needs it.
i deem they can tell most information from your blood.
donating marrow will involve an anaesthetic & is drawn from your hip, breaking thru your bone beside a very hulking needle.
it involves a short hospital stay & discharged near painkillers.
& the self-satisfaction of helping someone, a complete stranger who needs your relief.
If you decide to become a bone marrow donor adjectives you have to do is enlighten the nurse at your next blood donation session and they will cart a little extra blood from you for extra trialling. Donating bone marrow is a painful and invasive procedure, and the outcome mustn't be taken lightly, however the arbitrary of you ever being a contest for someone in obligation of a donor is very particularly slim. Most people travel their whole lives minus being call to donate. I personally hold joined the registry. Even if my bone marrow isnt needed, I approaching knowing that if it's ever needed, I could help retrieve someone's life. What better notion is there than that?? Check out www.blood.co.uk for better information!

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