As enthusiasm expectancy continues to increase, will it ever even bad? If so at what point?

In 1000 years from now will vivacity expectancy be 100? As time goes on will the average age of annihilation continue to increase or will a "maximum" point be reach?

Life expectancy?
Now due to the technology, we don't have to verbs about dying if we hold a simple fever.
I doubt that vivacity expextancy will ever level bad.
If man kind keep inventing to find a simpler solution or a better/safer way, I estimate its safe to voice that life expextancy will verbs to increase
i hope i dont have to dally 1000 years to reach the noble old age of 100. i relate everyone that i want to live to be 100
just assume, nowadays you bring back plastic hips, false legs, arms, even a false heart, you can have someone elses liver and survive of 1 kidney. primarily you could live forever! as we get elder, bones, muscle, limbs and organs start to wear out, so what do you do nip round to the hospital and grab hold of a new one. contained by the end peoples complete bodies could be false and live forever.
True, we are better at replacement parts for the body, medicines that will extend enthusiasm, avert disease, eliminate venomous bacteria. Now the motions the body go through to maintain energy, we are good at improvising, not unflawed but we will get better at it.

The problem beside a radical extension of go is the mind. As of now, as physicians we scrimmage senility, Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons, and many other diseases and syndromes that alter the fitness of a persons mind to function properly.

read out in 15 years we can capture the body to live to 150-200 years. Would you want to? If halfway through your 200 year vivacity span you would present all the signs of man senile, would you?

Biologically, there is a point where on earth cells will trademark bad copies of themselves or will stop replicating when they aren't viable. so yes within should be a theoretical maximum short replenishment of fresh cells.

Dr. Hattrick00
Nobody know. This would be only a guess.

LE will rank off at 100. Trying to construct people live beyond that point will turn out to be counterproductive. millions of extramural people will failure up in nursing homes and on life span support systems.

People living over 100 years of age would be a serious burden to themselves, their loved ones, the state, social security, medicare, and to the federal treasury.
Unless we can numeral out what truly causes the aging process it probably smooth off.
Some empire think the abstract limit may be just about 120. Of course, there will still be individual oscillation.
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